Welcome to the writing of Heather Finton, a poet and author based in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada.

I have mixed feelings about maintaining a blog, as evidenced by the sporadic gaps in postings. Part of me decries adding to cyberbabble, more noise of opinion and experience cluttering up our collective space. And yet, when so much of the dominant culture is speaking in values that isolate, compete and destroy… is there a role for those of us who want to strengthen community, to think in timeframes that include our great-grandchildren? Those of us who live in mainstream human society but want to sustain a web of life that includes thousands of species we don’t know anything about? Those of us who want to make love and parent and consume food and resources in ways that bring strong softness and joy to our own lives?

Please respect the copyright on all of my writing. You are welcome to share these poems for non-monetary gain – and to contact me for permission to use in settings where they contribute to your earnings!

May all who enter here find resonance and friendship on their own muddled journeys to peace…

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