Have you heard?

Have you heard the news?

Listen to the leaves,

they’ll tell you

- they’re excited

in their patient, rooted thrumming


they murmur in the night

whispering delight

over sleeping feathers

and all who stalk and scamper

under the moon.


Have you heard the news?

The planet is alive,

our cells

are full of love

for us

and all her kin.


Have you heard about the woman

who moved thousands of miles

from her home

to speak out

for our right to choose who to love?


Did you hear about the one

who travelled over tar sands

to scoop up music

out of the muck?


Did you hear of the woman

whose sorrow ran so deep

that only tears could save her?


Have you heard of the women

with grey in their hair

and bounce in their step

who generously bestow

fierce blessings?


Did you hear about the children

carried inside women

who will birth them soon

in a world

that will be different

from now?


Did you hear

about the thousand eyes

and ten thousand lifetimes

that swirl in your DNA

and propel you with infinite tenderness?


Did you hear the news, rustling?

Will you share news?

What will you make new?

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