poetic trails, and not

This new “category” of posts marks my re-entry into the world of posting and my commitment to sharing my writing. It is a category for telling the story of where these poems travel. In this case, I want to acknowledge a few very polite acquisitions editors who have mastered the art of letting people down gently – thanks to Ronsdale Press and Lost Moose for conveying a gentleness of spirit that is missing in everyday culture. I’m not going to use this category for listing all the places the poems get rejected, but in order to be faithful to the “moving outward” process I feel some honesty about the “moving only inward” is required when the poems are not jumping towards publication!

Also want to acknowledge that my friend and teacher Bonnie has been most eloquent and generous in sharing her reactions to my poems, and that this kind of movement, as she shares the words with her friends, is the kind of genuine motion that I honour here.

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