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I pretty much get inspired by every article in the National Geographic… and much of what I hear on CBC radio… and mostly by what passes outside my living room window. So why do I bother to post these? I feel a lot of gratitude for the people who have shared their stories with me… of significant moments, of marriages in trouble and in triumph, of special teachings, of everyday frustrations. These often point me to new learning. So by posting some of the shareable sources that have come my way, I put them on offer in case someone else feels them poking as a good opportunity… may they be a good itch.

I did want to express thanks to the participants and speakers at the 2013 Wake Up Festival in Colorado, which was a multi-pronged source of inspiration for me. And to the women who came to Sundog Retreat in June 2014 to learn from the irrepressible Nina Wise… I found our weekend together planted seeds that are now poking through…

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