Nina Wise

So enjoyed Nina Wise’s book a big new free happy unusual life – see I met Nina this summer and she is very genuine, and her book full of suggestions around creating moments of aliveness and connection. I’ve been experimenting a little with her invitations and amazed by some of the unexpectedly rich results. Some of her writing on community and relationships is just so articulate and direct, it really makes me feel the deep relief of not needing to find my own words, just sinking into a quiet happy kinship. Wish I had read it at 18 years old, and may start handing it out as graduation gifts! Thank you Nina.

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One Response to Nina Wise

  1. Nina Wise says:

    Hi Heather;
    I am so pleased you’re enjoying my book. I worked very hard to write it as well as I possibly could and it is such a reward to know people (you) are reading it with pleasure and appreciation. Thank you!